18a) The e-nternational Faculty e-xperiences

Dr Petros Kefalas, Anna Sotiriadou (International Faculty, Thessaloniki)

Third Session (14:00 – 15:00) 
Discovery Room 2

What is this about?
The International Faculty holds significant experience in the use of Learning Technologies with a plethora of best practices from individuals and Departments. We are proud to report that literally all academic staff are now comfortable in using a variety of new technologies to enhance collaboration and learning. This did not happen overnight. The development of collaborative and distributed arrangement programmes necessitated a new way to engage and communicate with students who spend most of the time outside the IF base, in Thessaloniki. This did not happen with no cost either. A series of staff development seminars together with persistent and consistent hands-on practice was organised centrally at the IF. This session is about sharing the IF experiences with respect to how learning technologies are employed and how its staff reached the technical and pedagogical level required to exploit the most out of the available digital possibilities. It will present the journey our faculty has taken to develop an e-learning strategy.

How will colleagues benefit?
Colleagues will become aware of various uses of learning technologies in many different contexts. As an example, one can mention e-feedback (written or audio), e-lectures and e-guides (screencasts and livestream), on-line interaction (synchronous and recorded), e-supervision, student e-presentations, sharing (documents and services), social media, e-portfolios, to name a few. This cannot be a hands-on workshop but it can give clear and explicit guidance on developing those skills required and point to the appropriate tools offered by the University.

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