4b) Supporting face-to-face teaching using blogs and YouTube

Dr Jan Owens (Academic Unit of Dental Public Health), Paul Jinks (School of Clinical Dentistry)

First Session (11:15 – 12:15) 
Inox Conference Suite 3

What is this about?
Online learning environments require essentially different teaching and learning strategies from those used in the traditional face-to-face contexts. This study discusses the tools used in an online learning environment to develop a blended approach to learning and support face-to-face teaching for health promotion. We used clips taken from YouTube looking at maternity services and childbirth in three differing global contexts. Individual student blogs in a faceless context enabled self-reflection, discussion, writing practice, and interaction with other students. This promoted students’ awareness of diversity and the notion that health did not revolve around Western perceptions. Using the technology, coupled with student evaluation, enabled reflection as to what may be done more effectively for the next cohort, it also prepared students for their assessment which required them to interact and build a wiki collaboratively and online. What the module lead learned from the exercise were ways of enabling student learning.

How will colleagues benefit?
Colleagues will have the opportunity to listen to a first hand account about using YouTube and the tools in MOLE to produce online teaching materials. There will be insight concerning the benefit to students, the pitfalls encountered, and a critical discussion of whether teacher and student expectations were met, and the unexpected issues that arose which were related to the diversity of the student cohort. Colleagues planning online teaching may benefit from our open and honest reflections.

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