8a) ‘Appy Education: The design and development of smartphone based learning

Dr Tim Vorley (Management School)

Second Session (12:20 – 13:20) 
Discovery Room 1

What is this about?
This session presents two smartapps that I have been involved in the design and development of aimed at supporting learners – one aimed at students and the other aimed at early career researchers. The first smartphone app, ‘the effectuator’, aims to encourage students to assume a more effectual approach in terms of their entrepreneurial thinking, and is informed by research into entrepreneurship practice. The second app about Developing Enterprising and Entrepreneurial People or ‘DEEP’ builds on the Researcher Development Framework created by Vitae, as a means to promote enterprising skills among early career researchers. Both smartphone apps are intended to be used independently and beyond the classroom, although have the scope to compliment classroom based learning. In addition to showcasing the smartphone apps themselves, the findings of some learner experiments will be shared, as well as lessons and best practice in the development of the smartphone applications themselves.

How will colleagues benefit?

It is hoped that colleague might be inspired by my experiences in app development and learn from the mistakes and pitfalls that I encountered in developing my smartphone apps.

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