Finding Level 4 and Level 2 Auditorium

Those attending should enter the Students' Union by the main entrance, which is shown in the image below. Note that the images that follow are interactive; click and drag on the images to pan around, and click a highlighted area in the image to move the point of view there.

Level 4 of the Students' Union will be the place to register at the start of the day and will house the exhibition space. In order to get there, enter the Students' Union via the main entrance, which leads to Level 3. Go through the second set of double doors and immediately in front of you will be the staircase leading to Level 4. The image below shows the staircase from the point of view of someone standing at the main entrance.

In order to reach the Level 2 Auditorium, enter the Students' Union via the main entrance. Turn left immediately before the second set of double doors. There, you'll find a stair case leading to Level 2.

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