14a) A blended approach to work-based learning: German for Enterprise

Dr Caroline Bland (Germanic Studies / School of Languages and Cultures), Dr Giles Harrington (Germanic Studies / School of Languages and Cultures)

Third Session (14:00 – 15:00) 
Discovery Room 1

What is this about?
“German for Enterprise” is a student-led module based around links with local SME’s which are expanding their operations into German-speaking Europe. The module promotes the goals of enterprise education and civic engagement. This session will demonstrate resources developed to support this final-year language module, which include a reflective online journal and podcasts, as well as a collaborative glossary of relevant terminology. Students will also be introduced to the use of the online corpus for specialist translation. As the students fulfill the partner company’s brief they get the chance to implement their own digital literacy skills for example, by using Twitter.

How will colleagues benefit?
As well as an introduction to the project from the perspective of both students and staff, colleagues will have a demonstration of the resources used and created by students in the current session. They will hear examples of feedback from the current cohort of students after their first semester. We hope that discussion with colleagues will provide all participants with tips for how this or a similar module could be further developed to enhance the student learning experience.


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