14b) The Living Case Study Approach to Executive Teaching: A Weekend of Power Learning Supported By E-Resources

Dr. Leslie T. Szamosi (International Faculty)

Third Session (14:00 – 15:00) 
Discovery Room 1

What is this about?
For the last two year in our Executive MBA program, in each of our five teaching locations, we have adopted a Living Case Study approach in the unit Current Issues in Management. Students start on Friday afternoon with a live presentation by a local senior business executive and then work ALL weekend, ALL hours, on the case utilizing a wide range of technologies directly supported by direct face to face Unit Leader contact – a mentoring type of roll. What may be considered as standard learning technologies (online databases, f2f on-line interaction, on-line collaboration tools etc.) play a crucial enabling role in the success of the unit and provide an excellent platform for providing a ‘real life’ situation in the university. In its initial rollout, students expressed high levels of learning satisfaction and solid results in terms of coursework results.

How will colleagues benefit?
Colleagues will be benefit from the experiences that we have had in implementing this tripartite approach to teaching and learning. We are continually revising the way of delivery and have also been experimenting with online presentation tools to supplement the work we are doing. This was a project that we benchmarked on international best practice with ‘twists’ and adaptations through the technological application. 


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