15a) PebblePad: its current and potential use in the University

Professor Ian Douglas, (Faculty of Medicine Dentistry and Health, School of Clinical Dentistry), Ian Palmer (Medical School), Zafer Ali (CICS)

Third Session (14:00 – 15:00) 
Inox Conference Suite 1


What is this about?
This session will describe how the software PebblePad is being used in parts of the University and discuss what potential it has for other applications. In the Faculty of MDH it is being used to support the development of Postgraduate Research students in terms of reflective learning through the Training Needs Analysis, development of their e-portfolio of experience as a research student, record of supervisory meetings and for reflective learning in the Research Ethics and Integrity module. PebblePad is being used in Law to support the undergraduate Personal Tutoring system and in Social Science for the MA in Social Work. In the latter students are given an e-Workbook which they complete using a template to capture all of their reflections over the 2 year programme. This includes considering what went badly and well, analysing and commenting and considering how their learning will influence the way they work.

How will colleagues benefit?
Colleagues delivering teaching and learning will benefit by being given examples of how PebblePad can be used, which will help them consider ways in which the software may be able to provide them with innovative approaches to their own teaching. Also, since PebblePad has a submissions and reporting functionality, staff involved in supporting teaching activities in departments will gain by being shown how it could streamline certain administrative tasks.

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