2) Assistive Apps for Integrated Learning

Victoria Mann and Daniel Pickering (SpLD Tutorial Service, ELTC)

What is this about?
Assistive technology can be very expensive, limiting availability to students. The display will demonstrate how free assistive apps can be used by students to support both their learning and revision and exams. The assistive apps can be combined to create a personalised virtual learning environment, which enables students to access their work anywhere in the world, via cloud technology. One example of this is combining a note taking app with an audio reader app, whereby students use the app to take notes, which they upload to cloud. The notes can then be read back to the students via an audio reader; alternatively they could be transformed into flash cards, using a flash card maker app.

How will colleagues benefit?
The display will demonstrate a variety of free apps that colleagues could suggest that students utilise to support their learning and organisation; equally, the apps could be useful to colleagues to support the organisation of teaching and research.

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