3a) Electronic Management of Assessment & Feedback: Are we there yet?

James Goldingay (CICS)
First Session (11:15 – 12:15) 
Inox Conference Suite 2

What is this about?
“e-assessment” and “electronic assessment management” are the latest buzz words being used to describe the use of specific technologies, designed to help make our assessment processes and provision of feedback better for our students and staff. MOLE (Blackboard) and Turnitin are frequently mentioned as major players in this e-assessment world, and this presentation features both of these tools. This session specifically looks at the question of whether the technologies available to us now as an Institution are providing real benefits to both our staff and students. To help answer this question we will be looking at a number of University assessment and feedback case studies as part of the presentation. Finally, a brief overview on planned software developments for assessment and feedback technologies the University support, will also be provided.

How will colleagues benefit?
It is envisaged that the session will help inform colleagues of: a) The positive impact that the technologies can have on provision of feedback for students b) How departmental assessment processes can be streamlined c) New or upcoming features of the technology that will further aid electronic management of assessment and feedback.

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