10) University of Sheffield Enterprise: supporting innovative, enterprising teaching and learning

Maria Barluenga, Anna Nibbs and Alison Riley, University of Sheffield Enterprise (USE)

What is this display about?
Enterprise at The University of Sheffield means having ideas and doing something about them. It is making ideas happen. An enterprising curriculum helps students to become creative problem-solvers, apply their knowledge to real life situations and develop the skills they need to manage limited resources under uncertain conditions, translating into a richer learning experience and an improvement in students’ confidence and employability. The University is committed to the vision that each of its students has the opportunity to engage with enterprise. University of Sheffield Enterprise (USE) offers a programme of support for academic staff wishing to embed enterprise in the curriculum, including funding, delivery, advice and professional development opportunities. This display aims to raise awareness of enterprise in the curriculum, its benefits and practical application, and how it relates to the University’s wider learning and teaching aims, showcasing inspiring and diverse examples of existing good practice from across the institution.

How will colleagues benefit from this display?
 Colleagues will see examples of current good practice in subject-specific curriculum-based enterprise education, and highlights of the practical means by which they themselves can embed enterprise within their own discipline. Colleagues will have the chance to talk to Enterprise Learning Development Officers and find out more about the University’s 2012-16 Enterprise Education Strategy, forthcoming professional development and best practice sharing opportunities within the University of Sheffield Enterprise Academy, and the many other ways in which USE can support academic staff to develop an enterprising curriculum that works for them, their department, and their students.

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