3b) Can the use of e-submission, e-marking and e-feedback improve the teaching and learning experience?

Diana Mesa Torres (Hispanic Studies)
First Session (11:15 – 12:15) 
Inox Conference Suite 2

What is this about?
Can the use of the VLE maximise students’ contact time and improve their learning experience? In 2012 the Hispanic Studies Department introduced e-submission, e-marking and e-feedback on two modules on the second year of Spanish. An action research was conducted to identify if the use of the university VLE for formative assessment and feedback is a preferred choice to the students as opposed to the traditional method of paper. It also tried to determine if the use of the technology enhances or hinders the process and if this method of submission could be viable for other courses.

How will colleagues benefit?

An honest outlook of the use of technology in formative assessment, students’ presentations and reflective diaries. We will also discuss its benefits and drawbacks and ways in which we adapted and improved the process in order to maximise the effectiveness of the VLE on our modules.

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