2b) Full Circle - From MOOC Student to MOOC Tutor

Claire Beecroft (ScHARR), Dr Chris Carroll (ScHARR), Andy Tattersall (ScHARR)

First Session (11:15 – 12:15) 
Inox Conference Suite 1

What is this about?

The session explains the journey taken by University Teacher Claire Beecroft alongside her colleague, Information Specialist Andy Tattersall that started as MOOC students to delivering the University of Sheffield’s first MOOCs. Claire and Andy discovered MOOCs back in the early summer of 2012 and were impressed by the technologies driving them and the potential for such courses in their own department. Coming from information backgrounds and with a past record in innovation and creativity, Claire and Andy formed part of the core ScHARR MOOCs team. Working closely with learning technologists, University teachers, marketing professionals all led by the Director of Teaching at ScHARR the first MOOCs were run in June 2013. Claire is the Assistant Course Director for the Health Technologies Assessment MOOC which started in October 2013.

How will colleagues benefit?
Colleagues will benefit by seeing what a MOOC timeline looks like, the implementation of technologies along the way to create and organise one and eventually promote and facilitate it. We will give an overview of the tools, skills and infrastructure to deliver a MOOC and to maintain a healthy level of engagement with students. Colleagues will benefit from discovering the pitfalls, myths and benefits of incorporating technologies into a MOOC by colleagues who have balanced their own learning curve on a challenging and relatively new way of delivering learning.

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