4a) Engaging large groups through blended learning

Dr Sam Marsh (School of Mathematics and Statistics)

First Session (11:15 – 12:15) 
Inox Conference Suite 3


What is this about?
Students from the Faculty of Engineering learn mathematics in modules run by The School of Mathematics and Statistics. Traditionally the cohort has attended two large-group lectures per week, being split down into smaller groups for working on exercises. Attendance records from the problem classes led us to believe the approach was not working as well as it might, and in 2013-14 the Department of Mechanical Engineering agreed to pilot a new approach with their students based around a blend of short online video-lectures, online tests and more frequent small-group interactive classes. In this session, I will outline the approach we have taken and our experiences of how it has worked so far.

How will colleagues benefit?
We are excited by this new (to us!) blended approach. The format of the module should provide food-for-thought for colleagues as to ways teaching can be reorganised to make best use of the technology and resources available. The combination of short presentations with quizzes to release the next section, combined with concentrating staff effort on supporting the students, will make elements of this approach easily translatable to a wide range of other courses.

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