5b) Developing and disseminating videos to support student learning and lecture flipping

Dr Anthony Rossiter (ACSE)

First Session (11:15 – 12:15) 
Discovery Room 1

What is this about?
The main idea is to get more from lecture time, to allow the brief interaction with students to be exactly that, interaction rather than a didactic transfer of information. This session will present the techniques used by the author to facilitate more interactive lectures which encourage student reflection, activity and problem solving. Critically, some discussion is given on how students are still provided with resources they can use to learn efficiently and effectively.

How will colleagues benefit?
Colleagues will benefit from the opportunity to see first-hand evidence which will facilitate more reflection on whether lecture flipping is something that could work for them. Key data on the associated workload, technological requirements and student reaction will be critical for such staff. By introducing and disseminating a diversity of teaching approaches, UoS will be better placed to maintain high student satisfaction, for example in NSS, and clearly this benefits us all.

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