6b) Come and develop content for Sheffield iTunes U

Dr Graham McElearney (CICS/Corporate Affairs), Leon Mallett (Corporate Affairs), Dr Mark Winter (Chemistry)

First Session (11:15 – 12:15) 
Discovery Room 2

What is this about?
Sheffield iTunes U is a very exciting new development for the University, and is an extremely high profile "channel" by which we can make our content available to a massive global audience. Content can be audio or video (including lecture recordings with presentation and audio) and we would like this content to reflect the University's world leading reputation in:

  •  Excellence in learning and teaching
  •  Excellence in research, tackling issues that really make a difference
  •  Excellence in engaging with the public - at home and internationally
  •  Providing excellence in the student experience and supporting our students in the broadest sense
  • Celebrating the achievements of our students (e.g. their creativity in making videos, volunteering activities etc)
This session is about generating ideas, and giving you some experience in how you can contribute to this.

How will colleagues benefit?
Colleagues will benefit by gaining experience of how to plan and record materials that would be suitable for inclusion into Sheffield iTunes U, or indeed any other video or podcast type digital channel. This will empower them to become contributors to this new initiative and increase the profile of their teaching and research.

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