6a) Open the playing fields

Mark Morley (CICS) and Professor Jackie Marsh (Faculty Director of Learning and Teaching, Social Sciences)

First Session (11:15 – 12:15) 
Discovery Room 2

What is this about?
The expense of studying for a degree has increased substantially over recent years. It would therefore seem incumbent on educators to help minimize other costs whilst ensuring maintenance of quality of learning materials. However, the affordances that technology innovations provide to education via the openness movement are not being fully realized or utilized within much of the HE sector. As educators we want the educational experience to be the very best for our students. We want to provide them with the best possible resources available. But, there seems a reluctance and even a resistance to engage with the best freely available academic resources. There is an abundance and wealth of available resources that we should now be tapping into, re-using, re-mixing and re-purposing, including OERs, MOOCs, OCW, videos, podcasts, iTunesU material, open online textbooks, etc. This presentation introduces the concept of free open resources, including quality assurances, locating appropriate resources, licences, student acceptance of free resources, and more.

How will colleagues benefit?

This session will enable colleagues to get started with how to legally use open online content to enhance their courses. This will cover searches, repositories, locating appropriate content, Creative Commons licences, levels of openness, how licences affect remixing of multiple materials, and appropriate attribution. It will also enable colleagues to consider making their own content openly available.


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