9b) Training students to develop critical thinking using in-lecture polling software

Dr Sam Clarke (Civil Engineering), Dr Trish Murray (Faculty of Engineering)
Second Session (12:20 – 13:20) 
Inox Conference Suite 1

What is this about?
The authors present a case where the students were asked to mark a series of designs to a relatively specific (yet still subjective) set of assessment criteria. To train the students to a) understand the assessment criteria and b) understand the level of performance required, an in-lecture poll was conducted using the TurningPoint system. During the lecture the students were asked to grade exemplars with the outcome of the polls being able to guide the course of the lecture. If little consensus or a good consensus but on an inappropriate mark was recorded, further discussion would be instigated to attempt to challenge the reasons why. The quality of learning was judged by the degree of consensus in the marks (both between the students and between the students and the tutor) at the end of the session.

How will colleagues benefit?
Being able to see an effective example of using clickers to really help develop the student experience.


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