9c) ‘Everyone loves to clicky’: student learning and the use of voter response systems to teach research methods and data analysis in the Department of Politics

Dr Alistair McMillan (Politics)

Second Session (12:20 – 13:20) 
Inox Conference Suite 1

What is this about?
The use of ‘clickers’, or voter response systems, is becoming widespread, and they offer an opportunity for instant feedback and the chance for students to engage and respond in lectures. In the Department of Politics, clickers have been used for three years for lectures in the core L2 module Political Analysis: Research methods and data analysis. This paper discusses ways in which clickers can be used to enhance substantive engagement with aspects of research design and analysis, and looks at ways in which this can enhance learning, assessment, and feedback.

How will colleagues benefit?
The session gives colleagues an opportunity to discover how voter response systems have been used in the teaching of a core research methods course, and how this was used to develop student engagement in lectures; promote understanding of important methodological issues, and how it was used to enhance assessment and feedback.

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